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QuickStart SEO

Leverage our team’s expertise to jumpstart your website’s growth.


Guided SEO Works

Hundreds of businesses have used Pathfinder’s guided approach to SEO to navigate the steps required to grow their organic traffic.

SEO takes dedication and time — and there's nothing wrong with that. Most good things happen over time with some level of dedicated work.

But what if you want to accelerate your results? What if you want to get set up and start seeing results more quickly?

That's where QuickStart SEO comes in.

What is QuickStart SEO?

What if you could skip keyword research, content strategizing, and backlink analysis? What if you could cut your ongoing monthly SEO efforts in half? With QuickStart SEO, you can.

With QuickStart SEO, our experienced coaches do the work to build a solid SEO foundation for you.

We follow a holistic approach to SEO by focusing equally on technical SEO, content, on-site optimization, and off-site SEO.


What’s Included in QuickStart SEO?

QuickStart SEO is a one-time project to properly build your website’s SEO foundation. It’s completed over the course of a month and costs $3,000. It's for websites that serve a national to an international audience. It includes:

Research & Planning

We complete the research and strategic planning needed to direct your website towards steady growth. We’ll review our findings with you and get your feedback.


We identify focus keywords, write page titles and meta descriptions, update your alternative text, fix broken links, dial in your headers, and so much more.


We expect to see your website ranking higher in the search results within weeks of completing the execution phase. We’ll review your progress with you.

** Does your business serve a local audience? Think storefront or service area. If so, then our Local JumpStart offering is for you.


You take the reins from there...

QuickStart SEO takes care of the initial work for you, so that you can see results more quickly and with less hands-on work.

Once you’ve completed the QuickStart SEO program, you’ll be in a great place to continue your SEO journey on our Pathfinder SEO platform.

Thanks to QuickStart SEO, you’ll already have a 12-month content plan. You’ll also have a roadmap for increasing your website’s trust and authority by following real-world marketing tactics.

Your Pathfinder SEO coach will continue to advise you as part of our guided approach to SEO. Monthly SEO plans starting at $99/month.


$3,000, one-time


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