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SEO Assessment

Not sure where to start with SEO?
Let's identify where you are today and create a roadmap for growth.


An Assessment is not an Audit

Maybe you’ve heard of SEO Audits - they normally take up pages and pages of a report highlighting every single thing wrong with your site. Even a site with 20-30 pages of content can create a report that is 3-5 times that size. These are not human-generated reports; automated software creates these audits.

And we don’t think that’s very useful at all.

Our SEO Assessment isn’t anything like an audit. Instead, it’s a review from 1,000 feet up. We look at the most critical dynamics and give you an overview of opportunities that will help you gain traction and SEO results.

An Assessment Doesn’t Have to Cost Thousands of Dollars

If you’ve ever hired an agency to do an audit, you’ve likely spent thousands of dollars. We’ve worked with customers who were charged $2,500 – $5,000 for huge reports containing nothing but computer-generated lists — with almost no actionable recommendations.

That’s not what we offer.

Our SEO Assessment not only provides actionable recommendations; it does so in a non-intimidating way, and for much less than the cost of other audits. Our SEO Assessment will cost you a mere $500.



$500, one-time


An Assessment Doesn’t Have to Take Forever

It’s obvious we’re not fans of SEO audits — mainly because they take so long. You’d think that a computer could automatically generate a report in minutes, yet these audits regularly take weeks to deliver. If you’re ready to get started making adjustments to your site, weeks of waiting can be frustrating.

We won’t make you wait forever.

Our SEO Assessment takes 5 business days. And while we use some software to help our teams collect data more efficiently, the detailed analysis and thoughtful recommendations come from our SEO coaches.

An Assessment Isn’t the Conclusion, It’s the Start

When you purchase one of the audits out there, it’s already the final product. You get a report and they either wish you well or offer to take you on as a client (with crazy monthly costs) to start repairing everything they’ve found.

That’s not how we run our business.

Our Assessment is clean, focused, and includes specific recommendations. And that’s not where things end.

We offer two paths after an SEO Assessment:

Guided SEO

You take the reins from here. Take incremental steps, guided by our team and our software. You’ll pay a low monthly fee, and we’ll make everything easy. Learn more

QuickStart SEO

If you’re looking for faster results than guided SEO offers, consider our Local JumpStart and QuickStart SEO programs. We'll accelerate you through the action items identified in the SEO Assessment. 


$500, one-time


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