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About Pathfinder SEO

We're Changing the SEO Game


How We got our Start

Ten years ago Lindsay Halsey and Lori Calcott were working for a digital agency together. It's where they met. And while the agency was fine, each recognized that there were things they'd do differently. So what do you do when you're an entrepreneur at heart? You leave the comfort of the known, and venture, together into the unknown.

It's how webSh!ne was created - an agency dedicated to SEO and Google Ads. Over the last nine years, they grew their agency to work with hundreds of companies, in verticals like tourism, technology, nonprofits, and local businesses. webSh!ne continues to deliver value to customers every single day.

But a few years ago, they started to notice a worrying trend . . .

A Worrying Trend

What's Wrong with the SEO Industry Today

You've likely noticed the same thing Lindsay and Lori did. We call it the tool proliferation game. With the growth in SEO came several companies that wanted to create software and tools in the space. Not simple and inexpensive tools. Large, complicated and expensive tools - each with their own focus.

As a result, clients started purchasing not one, or two, but several SEO products and getting paralyzed by the complexities of each tool, not to mention the overlap. The costs piled up.

Business owners that wanted leads from their website were left with two options - expensive professional services or expensive, complicated tools.

Why We Created Guided SEO

Pathfinder SEO was born out of the desire to create a third option, right in the middle of the existing options in the market (tools or services).

Pathfinder SEO was born out of the desire to support customers who were fixed budgets.

Pathfinder SEO was born out of the simple desire to make DIY easier.

It's why we created Guided SEO.

Where other tools are complex, ours is simple and process-oriented.
Where other agencies are costly, we're economical.
Where blog posts try to turn into an SEO expert, we focus on simple tasks.

Guided SEO is an approach that is education and process based. We educate customers on the specific pieces of SEO information that they need to know, while also giving them the specific tasks that they need to accomplish.

If you've ever been to a gym and had a trainer tell you how to use the equipment, and when to use what, you've experienced the same dynamic in another context.

We've Helped Folks Just Like You

Today Lori and Lindsay have assembled a team of coaches to help companies just like you. They're in verticals like tourism, technology, nonprofits and local business. Sound familiar? The companies that need an agency still hire webSh!ne. But, the companies that want a simpler and more cost-effective approach to SEO for their sites are trying Pathfinder SEO - because it's like having an agency come alongside you, but only paying a fraction of the cost.


Did we mention we're Growing / Hiring?

Our approach to Guided SEO is taking the world by storm. We're delivering value to customers on a constant basis and need your help. If you're an SEO coach already, give us your info, and we'd love to talk to you about adding you to our list of coaches.

Also, if you're a freelancer or agency doing SEO work for clients, our Pathfinder SEO product may be perfect for you too. Check it out.

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