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SEO Coaching

It's easy to lose your way when exploring new or relatively unknown territory. Especially in the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

At Pathfinder SEO we provide you with a seasoned SEO coach to guide your efforts and amplify your results.


SEO Coaching Provides


Every business is unique. While our SEO Checklist offers great direction in itself, your coach provides customized advice to ensure you are on the quickest path to grow your business.


Our SEO coaches have worked on hundreds of different sites and seen endless SEO scenarios. All that experience means you get thoughtful advice tailored to your website, industry, and business situation.


It's easy to put things off until next week or next month when you are operating on your own. It becomes a lot harder when you have someone thoughtfully holding you accountable for making progress.

Fresh Ideas

It's easy to get siloed whether you are working alone or with a small team. A coach can bring you and your site fresh ideas based on SEO best practices and what's working in the world of digital marketing.

SEO Industry Updates

The SEO industry is constantly evolving. Your SEO coach stays on top of the latest news and trends to ensure you don't miss anything important or fall behind when it comes to best practices.

Impactful Action Items

SEO coaching doesn't do that much good if you don't walk away with strategy and tactics you can execute. The SEO coaches at Pathfinder will ensure you are focused on work that will create the greatest impact.


Featured Coach - Erik Wardell

Specializing in SEO, social media, content, and PR, Erik has ample digital marketing experience to share as an SEO coach. He loves breaking down complex topics in digestible SEO lessons packed with actionable insight. Having worked with dozens of clients, he's seen a lot and more often than not knows what will actually work for your business. And when he doesn't, he's ready to find the answer for you.

We've Worked with Web Professionals Just Like You


“Since working with Pathfinder we've been able to take our SEO for our clients and our own website to the next level. They give us the guidance we need so that we know what to do next in order to have the biggest impact. Our monthly meetings are focused and we come away with a month's worth of action items for our clients' sites. Our SEO projects are based almost completely on the advice and guidance we get from Pathfinder.”


How Does SEO Coaching Work in Pathfinder SEO

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and are conducted via Zoom conferencing. You can schedule the session directly in Pathfinder SEO. The number of session per month depends on the level of your subscription:

  • Standard includes 1 session / month

  • Pro includes 2 sessions / month

  • Pro Plus includes 3 sessions / month

Coaching Corner

Subscribers are responsible for scheduling coaching calls each month. Coaching calls don't roll over and cannot be accumulated.
Why? We recommend a holistic approach to SEO, which is most effective via a steady monthly effort.

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