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Welcome to the Pathfinder SEO Affiliate Program

Earn $150 for each sale!

Help spread the word about Guided SEO and earn money in the process.

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In addition to earning money for each sale, we will provide you with discount codes for your referrals.

Creative Assets

Easily add Pathfinder SEO to your website with our graphics.

Affiliate Dashboard

Through Post Affiliate Pro you can track your sales and earnings.

Monthly Updates

We will keep you informed on the latest SEO news and updates to the Pathfinder SEO platform.

Why Pathfinder SEO?

Most businesses try one of two approaches to get found online — hiring an agency or do-it-yourself. Pathfinder SEO offers a new approach - Guided SEO.

Guided SEO is an approach to SEO that is education and process-based. We educate our clients on the specific SEO tasks they need to accomplish and provide the process to get the work done. In addition, there is monthly one-on-one coaching to keep them accountable and answer all their critical questions.


Who is Pathfinder SEO for?

  • Site Owner

    Guided SEO offers a new way for site owners to get found online. The current options are doing it yourself or spending money each month with an agency. Guided SEO gives site owners a proven process without requiring them to become an SEO expert.

  • Freelancer

    Teaming up with Pathfinder SEO gives freelancers the ability to offer more value, exceed their clients’ expectations, generate monthly recurring revenue, and build enduring partnerships. This creates long-term value for freelancers and their customers.

  • Agency

    Our agency customers utilize Pathfinder SEO to train their team to consistently deliver high value results. They can confidently scale and sell more SEO services.

Pathfinder SEOs’ customers range from small businesses with one site to agencies serving robust client lists.

  • Do you have clients asking for SEO services?

    Struggling to find an affordable and reliable resource to meet their needs? Empower your clients to get found in Google by recommending a guided approach to their SEO efforts.

  • Digital professionals are our kind of people.

    Plugin developers, hosting companies, course creators and digital marketing agencies are just a few of the types of businesses we love to partner with.


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