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Pathfinder SEO Reviews

See what Pathfinder SEO customers have to say about their guided SEO experience.

You Need an SEO Partner With Integrity

Let’s face it, the SEO industry has its fair share of questionable services and bad actors. The last thing you want is an SEO software or partner that takes your money and delivers no real value. At Pathfinder SEO, we understand the importance of having a trustworthy SEO partner whether you are doing SEO for your own site or a client’s.


The Pathfinder SEO Commitment

At Pathfinder SEO, we are committed to helping agencies, freelancers, and site owners grow their businesses with guided SEO. We exceed customer expectations by providing services and support that deliver exceptional value. See what Pathfinder SEO customers have to say about their guided SEO experience.


Pete Perry

"Since working with Pathfinder we've been able to take our SEO for our clients and our own website to the next level. They give us the guidance we need so that we know what to do next in order to have the biggest impact. Our monthly meetings are focused and we come away with a month's worth of action items for our clients' sites. Our SEO projects are based almost completely on the advice and guidance we get from Pathfinder."

Pete Perry


"My overall experience has been fantastic. I have learned so much about SEO that has helped me to understand my own clients' issues and provide them with better help. Erik has been my coach as I've been working with Pathfinder and he is FANTASTIC. He always provides me with valuable feedback and actionable items to take back to my team to work on. I definitely recommend using Pathfinder SEO! "

Taylor Rogers


"Pathfinder SEO has given me a predictable process to onboard new SEO clients and increase their rankings! On the coaching calls I get actionable advice to apply to my clients websites. If you are looking to add SEO services to your agency and sharpen your blade then start using Pathfinder SEO!"

Mitch Britt

Jeanette Elton - Bloom Creative Web Design

"Pathfinder SEO is a professional and valuable piece of software with the coaching as the icing on the cake. I feel I have partnered with a trusted resource and I feel 100% supported in my business for anything SEO. And I have the support to scale my agency services with their help."

Jeanette Elton

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"My clients count on me to deliver results and I count on Pathfinder SEO to help me do that. I've been serving my client's SEO needs for a while, but Pathfinder SEO and their whole team have really allowed me to grow that portion of my business. In fact, they were instrumental in helping me create the packages and pricing that I use with all of my clients. My coach, Erik, is always extremely helpful and available whenever I need help. I would highly recommend Pathfinder SEO to anyone who is looking to improve their SEO!"

Madeleine Poteat


"The coaching feature is what I love the most about Pathfinder SEO. Being a one-person shop, it helps to have someone to talk through ideas and processes that help my clients. And when it comes to least favorite things, I really don’t have any."

Beth Schillaci


"After using Pathfinder's step-by-step process, I was not only able to work with SEO clients but also see data and results based on what I've done. Pathfinder SEO allowed me to serve my clients better."

Isabel Liu


"My experience with Erik from Pathfinder SEO has been completely transforming in my understanding of SEO. I understand the basics and have been wanting to offer this service but was nervous to do so. Pathfinder is an answer to prayer! Literally! The coaching and their SEO course (and valuable resources inside the course) have given my agency a jumpstart to help my clients in tangible ways. My first client was so excited about what we discovered when I worked through their SEO Workbook with Erik they decided to pay me for a redesign and hire me on a monthly retainer! Score!!! This team is worth 10x what I paid and I look forward to continuing my training and business growth with them. Wish I could give them a 10+ rating :D."

Lisa Garner

Tanya Huffman

"I have been using Pathfinder SEO for a few months now, and I have already added a client who is needing my SEO services. The coaching calls with my coach Erik have been extremely beneficial as he always gives me great direction and specific objectives to improve my website, as well as my clients. I have found the tools very useful along with the coaching calls, which have put Pathfinder SEO over the top because of accountability and beneficial advice every month."

Tanya Huffman


"Pathfinder has helped me serve my clients better because they give me a more experienced opinion on a complex situation I may be facing for a business. My goal is to help my clients do better and get more results and Pathfinder definitely helps me do this. I look forward to the coaching calls every month to help me deal with the issues clients are facing. I would not be where I am today without Pathfinder SEO. Good SEO takes a lot of experience and practice and they are there to support you every step of the way."

Heather Myronk

Elements Online

"It was hard to find someone I could trust to help me with my client’s SEO. I have partnered with SEO service providers before and have been disappointed. My knowledge of SEO is lacking and the thought of taking a course didn't entice me. I also felt very overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start or what SEO strategies were good. I found Pathfinder to be the perfect mix, I get expert advice, there is a clear path and I’m doing the work myself and learning as I go (in my eyes the best way to learn). Keeping my client's trust and helping them succeed is super important. By being able to do the work myself with guidance from an expert allows me to do just that."

Michaela Latavanha


"Before Pathfinder SEO, I was struggling with pretty much everything SEO related, but mostly keyword research and how to use the keyword research on my clients’ websites. My SEO difficulties have definitely diminished, but it seems like there’s always a new challenge. Erik, my SEO coach, has been incredibly helpful and supportive through my SEO learning curve. Along with Erik’s invaluable coaching, Pathfinder SEO provides a well-thought-out set of steps and tips on how to do them that helps me through the SEO process. For me, learning all of this on my own would be very difficult, even with all of the webinars and how-to articles out there on the web."

Steven Wolock

Kerri Reiser

"I have been working with Erik from Pathfinder SEO for almost a year now and the amount of knowledge I have gained since we began is beyond measure. Erik and the team at Pathfinder truly care about the success of my business making them a strong business partner. I highly recommend using Pathfinder SEO if you are serious about increasing your visibility on Goggle and building your business."

Karrie Reiser

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Site Owners


"Prior to working with Pathfinder SEO, I was struggling to understand not only how SEO worked but also the proper implementation on my website. I wanted to learn how SEO would translate into more having higher search results for my business which would then translate into more clients. These struggles have minimized since beginning my work with Pathfinder SEO. I am thankful for the incredible personalized coaching and instructional videos with actionable steps to create change. I am now able to focus my attention on what is most important and what I love, which is working directly with my clients."

Erica Falbaur, LPC, Certified EMDR Therapist


"Before using Pathfinder, SEO was a daunting task—as much as I tried, I just didn’t see results. Working with Pathfinder helped me clarify my goals, create an easy-to-follow path to success, and learn how to most efficiently and effectively use SEO to strengthen my business and reach the right type of client for my practice."

Dr. Meagan Stanley - Licensed Clinical Psychologist


"I knew my site badly needed SEO, but rather than hire it out I wanted to learn and apply it myself. I felt Pathfinder SEO offered that opportunity. As I plunged in with Erik at Pathfinder, I not only learned but got results early on. Erik's coaching was clear and insightful, and he helped me with a number of issues I didn't even know we had! I received much more than my money's worth, and I highly recommend Pathfinder SEO. What I've gained will aid me well into the future."

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