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SEO Services: Starter Kit & Proposal Templates

Accelerate the Launch of your SEO Services

If you are interested in offering SEO services but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place.

5 Steps to Launch your SEO Services

No overwhelm. Everything you need.

  • Audience: Define your target audience. What are their challenges? What are their goals?

  • Packaging: How are your SEO services structured? What's included?

  • Pricing: How to create project-based pricing so you sell your value, not your time.

  • Marketing: How to market your SEO services on your website and beyond.

  • Sales: How to pitch your SEO services and win new business.

Our Starter Kit & Proposal Templates include everything you need to package, price, and sell SEO services. It's a plug-and-play system to easily launch an SEO services offering.

You'll Get Access To:

  • 30 Easy to Follow Worksheets

  • 3 SEO Proposal Templates

  • Email Templates for Every Scenario

** Free for Pathfinder Subscribers


Jumpstart your SEO services offering



Lindsay Halsey

Hi! I’m Lindsay Halsey

For the past ten years, I’ve specialized in search engine optimization services for small to large businesses. As the co-owner of an SEO agency, I’ve worked on SEO projects for hundreds of businesses. Along the way, I found that the partner best suited to offer SEO services is actually you, the web designer/developer.

Today, I teach freelancers and agencies how to successfully offer SEO services. You’ll solve your customer’s challenge (getting found on Google) while growing your recurring revenue!

Here are the top reason you are the best person to offer SEO services to your customers:

  • You already know your customer’s business.

  • You already know your customer’s audience.

  • You already know your customer’s website.

  • You already are offering SEO services. You just aren't getting paid for them.

I created the SEO as a Service Starter Kit and SEO Proposal Templates based on 10+ years of SEO agency experience. Now you can use them to create and start selling your SEO offering in just one week.

** Free for Pathfinder Subscribers

We helped Chris sell $15,000 of SEO services in his first pitch!

Chris Oberg

"I owe it to Erik for giving me the knowledge to sell the service and the confidence to know that I’ll be able to deliver the results with Pathfinder SEO in my corner. Thank you!!"


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