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Spend less time learning SEO and more time growing your business.

SEO Checklist

Imagine an online learning portal dedicated to your site’s growth without the time and complexity required to become an SEO expert.

Our software brings you SEO education via a set of practical steps that anyone can follow.

Follow the SEO Checklist and build your website’s SEO foundation in a matter of weeks.

Ongoing SEO Lessons

SEO is not a set it and forget it marketing initiative. The search engines evolve and so too does your business.

Once you complete the SEO Checklist, our step-by-step process continues via Ongoing SEO.

Ongoing SEO lessons are bite-sized and actionable. You’ll continue to build momentum and results in the search results in the months to come.

seo checklist

"There are tons of SEO resources that are like sipping from a firehose. In the end, you feel overwhelmed. Pathfinder SEO is the opposite. You don’t even realize how much you’re learning as they take you step-by-step on your journey."



Pathfinder SEO in Action

keyword rankings

Keyword Research

Our keyword research tool is easy to use and backed by the best in industry data.

More importantly, it is combined with a step-by-step keyword research process and dedicated SEO coach to provide you with custom advice for your industry space.

Find your audience, easily.

keyword rankings

Rank Tracking

Monitor your keyword rankings and track your progress over time.

At Pathfinder SEO, rank tracking is built into our guided solution. Add keywords to your tracking list. We track your website’s position on both Google and Bing.

You see the data in Pathfinder or via your monthly reports. It’s really that simple.

monthly report

Monthly Reporting

We’ve never heard people say that they find Google Analytics easy. Where exactly should you look? What do you pay the most attention to? If you’re like many of our customers, this is the challenge.

Our customized monthly reports make analyzing your results a breeze.

Delivered straight to your inbox once a month, our reports are easy to understand, and they also incorporate data from multiple sources so you won’t have to hunt for it.

White-labeled reporting is available for Freelancers and Agencies.

SEO Coaching

It's easy to lose your way when exploring new or relatively unknown territory. Especially in the world of search engine optimization (SEO).

At Pathfinder SEO we provide you with a seasoned SEO coach to guide your efforts and amplify your results.

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and are conducted via Zoom conferencing. You can schedule the session directly in Pathfinder SEO. The number of sessions per month depends on the level of your subscription.


“I am thankful for the incredible personalized coaching and instructional videos with actionable steps to create change. I am now able to focus my attention on what is most important and what I love, which is working directly with my clients.”



We’ve Worked with People Just Like You

Additional Features for Freelancers & Agencies

We help freelancers and agencies launch and scale SEO services offerings. From packaging, pricing, and selling SEO to delivering the service, we have everything you need.


Jumpstart your SEO services offering with our templates. Built on years of industry experience, you’ll have everything you need to package, price, and sell SEO services.

Subscriptions to Pathfinder SEO include access to:

  • Starter Kit: A set of 30 worksheets to walk you through each step of building your SEO service offering.

  • Proposal Templates: Ready for your customization.

  • Email Templates: Not sure how to communicate with your clients? Our email templates are battle-tested.

Pathfinder SEO in Action

Pete Perry

“Since working with Pathfinder we've been able to take our SEO for our clients and our own website to the next level. They give us the guidance we need so that we know what to do next in order to have the biggest impact.”


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